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Please forward to social networks, email lists, family and friends.

    • Family and Extended Family
    • Neighbors
    • Friends, Social Groups
    • Places of Employment, Lunchrooms
    • Churches
    • Church groups, Bible study groups, other
    • Missions organizations
    • Homeless Centers, Children’s Homes
    • Hospitals, Nursing Homes
    • Everywhere!
  • Forward these links via social network buttons
  • Copy the links and email them
  • Tell your pastors! Ask them to include this in the weekly announcements and church bulletins
  • Ask your pastor to open the church (or some part of it,) so people can gather and praise!

    • This is also great for those who would otherwise be alone during the holidays
  • Use the email button, send to yourself, then forward to your email lists
  • Email your local radio hosts and ask them to do a public service announcement
    • A 60 second spot mp3 file i available at www.wavesofpraise.org


  1. Eric Mutanyi

    I would like to be actively engaged with any activities of Christ since am only six month as saved.I need spiritual support. I need the power of the holy spirit in me.

  2. pathomas513 (Post author)

    Seek Him with ALL your heart, ALL your mind, ALL your body and soul! Read His Word in the Bible daily. Praise Him!
    Give Him your cares and concerns, your troubles and problems, your needs.
    Give Him your past, your present and your future.
    Lay down your free will at His Feet.
    “Father, Thy Will not my will. For Your Thoughts Are always Higher than my thoughts and Your Ways Higher than my ways.”
    “For I Have Plans for you. Plans to Give you hope and a future. Come and rest in Me, My son. For I Am God Over all things.”
    Learn to let Holy Spirit Guide you through each moment.
    Be 100% “blindly obedient” when He Gives you Direction.
    Seek to know HIM, and His Nature, which Is 100% Truth, 100% Love, 100% Compassion, 100% All-Knowing, etc.
    When you know HIM, you will not ever want to commit sin again.

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