Spread The Word!


Please forward to social networks, email lists, family and friends.

    • Family and Extended Family
    • Neighbors
    • Friends, Social Groups
    • Places of Employment, Lunchrooms
    • Churches
    • Church groups, Bible study groups, other
    • Missions organizations
    • Homeless Centers, Children’s Homes
    • Hospitals, Nursing Homes
    • Everywhere!
  • Forward these links via social network buttons
  • Copy the links and email them
  • Tell your pastors! Ask them to include this in the weekly announcements and church bulletins
  • Ask your pastor to open the church (or some part of it,) so people can gather and praise!

    • This is also great for those who would otherwise be alone during the holidays
  • Use the email button, send to yourself, then forward to your email lists
  • Email your local radio hosts and ask them to do a public service announcement
    • A 60 second spot mp3 file i available at www.wavesofpraise.org

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