God Did This. You Helped! Thank you to all who participated in 193 countries!


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BLIND OBEDIENCE There are so many aspects of this year’s praise movement that I wish to touch on.  First, I can take no credit for this.  I was just His Hands Extended.  I was only His Vessel.  I’m “just dust” that has learned to be obedient to whatever He Asks of me.  I’ve learned to take His “moment by moment” Guidance and Direction.  All questions are put before His Throne, and I wait for Him to Bring clarity.  I don’t breathe without Him – I cannot take credit for this.  It’s all about “relationship” with Holy Spirit, not religion.

This shows how God Can Take one person and affect many, and affect the world.  One person, sitting alone in a motel room, day after day, night after night into the wee hours of the morning, working for Him.  Only having monies to cover one day at a time.  Sometimes having to check out and wait to see What The Lord Would Do next.   Working until I could do no more, and then resting for a short while, getting back up again to keep on keeping on.  Through sickness, physical pain, emotional pain, continual spiritual attacks and disappointments, and sheer perseverance.   He Lifted me, Protected me, Provided for me, and Comforted me, and often Delighted me with small things that let me know He Had me, and He Had this praise movement!  One night when my back had a bit too much pain, He Came to me.  He Said there was inflammation, and I felt His Touch.  The pain left for many days, which helped me to keep going.  He Closeted me so that I could focus and accomplish a great deal in a little bit of time.

I only wanted to do what He Wanted me to do.  I wanted to see the whole earth praising Him and preparing their hearts for Him.  I wanted to see people come into His Kingdom, find renewal and restoration, healing and deliverance in Him.  I wanted people to infuse HIM back into a pagan holiday and give Him the credit, the honor and the glory.  He Placed those desires in me.  I won’t take credit for that, either.

I’m not sure if this is the final list, or if there are more stats that haven’t been posted yet.  Last year, people from over 120 countries participated.  I don’t know how many individuals.  It’s like a tree with many branches.  Each time someone forwards the “Waves Of Praise” info to another, the tree grows new branches.  It’s not my business to know who participates.  That’s God’s Job.  My role is facilitator and fire-starter.  It’s Holy Spirit Who Lights the fires in people’s hearts and minds.  I just do the research, take His Direction, write the posts, the emails and the ads. He Touched the hearts and minds across the world.  He Sent His Holy Spirit and the angels to do so.  He Told me that, a couple of times.   I gave Him “the reins” a long time ago.  It’s all about living to glorify Him.  .

Let’s look at the cost outlay – it’s minimal.  Years 1-4, 2010-2013,  there was a total cost outlay of just less than $120.   This year’s movement had a total outlay of about $135, which is more than the total of years 1-4 combined.   These monies are nothing in ministry today.  Veritable peanuts.  But God Can Take a little and make much of it, and He Did.

This year, evidence from a variety of sources shows that God Touched the hearts of people in 193 countries.  Again, I’m not sure I have all the data in yet.   The number “193” is stirring in my memory.  I believe it’s the number of “member states” in the United Nations.  If so, then God Is Making a STATEMENT to them.   It seems that the governments of 193 countries turned against His Israel these past couple of years.  Now,  the PEOPLES of 193 countries have made a statement for HIM.  This is a clear sign that we’re in the last days.  He’s Separating the sheep from the goats.

You see this praise movement on Christmas Day (which many have objected to,) was His Idea.  Because it’s His Desire and His Idea, He Made a way w621442here there was no way.  And the whole earth praised The Lord!

Then came a couple of surprises!  In the middle of Christmas Day, in the middle of my praise during the time slot for Nashville, TN, I got a phone call which I had been hoping for.  It was an answered prayer.  Just before that happened, I talked to someone who has steadfastly and lovingly supported my efforts in this ministry for many years.  A few weeks ago, she became unemployed, but received a call on today, on Christmas Day for a job interview – WHILE I was on the phone with her!  A Christmas Miracle!  I hope that many across the earth received miracles from God.  Anything can happen.  He’s Restoring lives, finances, hope, relationships, love, health and more.  I watch His Hand Move, continually.   Later on, I got to video chat with my children and grandchildren.

YOU ARE THIS MOVEMENT This would not have happened, if you had not been touched and inspired to participate, to share with your networks, families and friends!   You’ve been a very real part of infusing God, Yeshua (Jesus) and Holy Spirit back into Christmas.  A holiday we’ve all grown up with, loved , treasured and looked forward to, not knowing of it’s pagan roots and customs.  It is a time when we tend to focus more on things of this world.  You helped people to remember that we have been Given The Greatest Gift possible.  Some people say, “He’s The Reason for The Season.”  Yes, He Is.  But He’s The Reason we have hope.  He’s The Reason, period.  Without Him, life is so shallow.  When He Opens our eyes to His Magnificence, when He Shows us His Hand in all things, our perspectives are forever changed.

You helped bring His Light into a darkened world.

You helped people remember what’s really important in a time people become mesmerized with tinsel and bows and flashing lights.

You helped bring joy to the hearts of people on earth as they celebrated Him.

You helped bring joy and smiles to our Loving God and Savior.


Even as I sat alone, praising Them, I knew I was part of a greater whole, The Body of Christ.  What can we accomplish when we all join together in His Precious and Holy Name?  The Body of Christ has been so divided by doctrines and legalism, religiosity and traditions of men.  There are often many miracles when people join together in prayer and praise.  Perhaps not even realizing it, many became united – “One in Christ.”  Of course, there is a Level of Holy Spirit where we can become “One With Christ.”  Could you imagine that coupled with this movement?

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED This year’s mission is accomplished.  It was what it was supposed to be.  Next year, let us all work together for The Kingdom of God.  Let’s continue to spread the word and remember that this is what we were born for:  to love, honor, worship and praise our God and King.  To BE the church.  Yes, God Used me as a matchstick to light fires all over the earth for Him.   It couldn’t have happened without YOU! 

I feel so small today.  When you are about the little tasks and the mechanics of what has to be done, you don’t stop to reflect on the whole.   I pray that prayers were answered, provision was made, people were healed, jobs and finances were given, hearts were healed and lives restored.  I pray that hope was renewed and that darkness was dispelled.  I pray that God’s Love Filled the hearts of many, and His Joy Abounded.  I pray that people the world over will remember to gather friends and family in their homes on a regular basis, not just on Christmas.  I pray that He Receive the Glory, Honor and Praise He Is Due.  I pray that He Will Rise in our hearts and lives to be our Continual Refuge, Friend, Comforter, Healer and Deliverer.  I pray that people will restore Him to His Proper Place in their lives.  I pray that this movement will grow and increase not just every year, but that the concepts are carried into the very fabric of our lives and beings.

people earthI’m just one person.  I take no credit.  I see His Hand at work in your life, even now as you read this.  Expect miracles.  Expect His Love to Pervade your lives.  Expect His Help.  He IS Faithful and True, and He NEVER Fails!  We are in the time of the darkness getting darker, and His Light Getting Brighter.  You have been a part of that.  Now, stop and consider what you can do in your own community, circles of friends, acquaintances, work and church associates and more.  I’m a bit flabbergasted, and found myself moved to quiet tears many times while I worked on compiling the list of countries.  God Is so Amazing.  If you don’t see your country listed, please contact me at contact@wavesofpraise.org, or use the form below.  Together, in one heart – one mind and one voice, what can be accomplished?  Much, when God Is in it!


It’s time for the nations to arise and PRAISE THE LORD!



Many blessings for each of you and your families. I pray you will see an outbreak of answered prayers, hopes and dreams and assistance in your lives this coming year.


In The Love of Our God and Savior,

Patty Thomas, Founder

2014 Worldwide Waves Of Praise Movement

wop red and green

1. Albania
2. Algeria
3. American Samoa
4. Andorra
5. Angola
6. Antigua & Barbados
7. Argentina
8. Armenia
9. Australia
10. Austria
11. Azerbaijan
12. Bahamas
13. Bahrain
14. Bangladesh
15. Barbados
16. Belarus
17. Belize
18. Belgium
19. Benin
20. Bermuda
21. Bhutan
22. Bolivia
23. Botswana
24. Boznia and Herzogovinia
25. Brazil
26. British Virgin Islands
27. Brunei
28. Bulgaria
29. Burkina Faso
30. Burundi
31. Cambodia
32. Cameroon
33. Canada
34. Cape Verde
35. Cayman Islands
36. Central African Republic
37. Chad
38. Chile
39. China
40. Christmas Island
41. Colombia
42. Congo
43. Cook Islands
44. Costa Rica
45. Cote D’Ivoire
46. Croatia
47. Cyprus
48. Czech Republic
49. Democratic Republic of Congo
50. Denmark
51. Djibouti
52. Dominica
53. Dominican Republic
54. Ecuador
55. Egypt
56. England
57. Equatorial Guinea
58. Eritrea
59. El Salvador
60. Estonia
61. Ethiopia
62. Falkland Islands
63. Faroe Islands
64. Fiji
65. Finland
66. France
67. French Guiana
68. French Polynesia
69. Gabon
70. Gambia
71. Georgia
72. Germany
73. Ghana
74. Greece
75. Greenland
76. Grenada
77. Guam
78. Guadeloupe
79. Guatemala
80. Guinea
81. Guinea-Bissau
82. Guyana
83. Haiti
84. Honduras
85. Hong Kong
86. Hungary
87. Iceland
88. India
89. Indonesia
90. Iran
91. Iraq
92. Ireland
93. Israel
94. Italy
95. Jamaica
96. Japan
97. Jordan
98. Kenya
99. Kiribati
100. Kosovo
101. Kuwait
102. Kyrgyzstan
103. Lao People’s Democratic Republic
104. Laos
105. Latvia
106. Lebanon
107. Lesotho
108. Liberia
109. Libya
110. Lithuania
111. Luxembourg
112. Macau
113. Madagascar
114. Malawi
115. Maldives
116. Mali
117. Malaysia
118. Malta
119. Martinique
120. Mauritania
121. Mauritius
122. Mexico
123. Morocco
124. Mozambique
125. Myanmar
126. Namibia
127. Nepal
128. Netherlands
129. New Zealand
130. Nigeria
131. Oman
132. Pakistan
133. Papua New Guinea
134. Paraguay
135. Peru
136. Philippines
137. Poland
138. Portugal
139. Puerto Rico
140. Qatar
141. Reunion
142. Romania
143. Russia
144. Rwanda
145. Saint Helena
146. Saint Kitts and Nevis
147. Saint Lucia
148. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
149. Sao Tome and Principe
150. Saudi Arabia
151. Seychelles
152. Senegal
153. Serbia
154. Sierra Leone
155. Singapore
156. Slovakia
157. Slovenia
158. Solomon Islands
159. Somalia
160. South Africa
161. South Korea
162. Spain
163. Sri Lanka
164. Suriname
165. Swaziland
166. Sweden
167. Switzerland
168. Tajikistan
169. Tanzania
170. Taiwan
171. Thailand
172. Timor-Leste
173. Togo
174. Tokelau
175. Tonga
176. Trinidad &Tobago
177. Tunisia
178. Turkey
179. Turkmenistan
180. Uganda
181. Ukraine
182. United Arab Emirates
183. United Kingdom (UK)
184. Uruguay
185. USA
186. US Virgin Islands
187. Uzbekistan
188. Vanuatu
189. Venezuela
190. Vietnam
191. Yemen
192. Zambia
193. Zimbabwe

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