Santa’s Last Ride – by Patty Thomas

Santa’s Last Ride

Copyright, Patricia A. Thomas, December 6, 1999


Mrs. Claus was pouring cocoa, in cups of green and red
While Santa’s tending reindeer, he’s put away his sled
He closes up the barn doors, and another Christmas year
And wipes his hand across his face, and with it goes a tear
Santa stumbled in the house and said, My dear I’m getting old
Flyin’ cross the stars at night, it gets pretty cold
As they shared a cup of cocoa, she saw that he was worried
He settled back and lit his pipe, and then began his story
I’ve traveled near and far, my dear, for ’bout a thousand years
This is the first I’ve felt this way, to come back home in tears
Oh the lights were brightly shining, as I flew across the land
The trees were very pretty, ornaments and candy canes
But, something’s truly missing, and I cannot understand
They’ve lost the meaning of Christmas, It’s all gotten out of hand
They rush around to buy their kids – the best things in the stores
Things kids don’t appreciate, they get all – that they ask for (toys broken on the floor)
Their homes still echo loud and clear, with now forgotten sounds
Of arguments of monies spent, there’s no love to be found
Wish they’d learn a simple lesson, get back to simple things
They don’t need nintendo, fancy clothes or diamond rings
Slippers, slicers, perfumes, too, and ties for dad galore
What they really need, my dear, is love, and love some more
Wish they’d put away the tinsel, the garlands and the lights
Learn to love the time they have, and learn how not to fight
Learn to find  – the magic of love, the feeling that giving brings
That is the stuff that heals their souls, of which the angels sing
Make their homes a peaceful place, a place that’s filled with love
‘Stead they fill their homes with things, they’ve forgotten God above
Forgotten the meaning of Christmas, the gift of God’s precious son
They get their toys, the girls and boys, the parents think it’s fun
Inside each and every one – is an ache, those presents won’t heal
Wish they’d learn the true meaning of Christmas, find out what is real
I’m not sure I can stand much more, watching the fall of this human race
They see the poverty and hunger, then they turn away (their face)
God gave us the life of his only son, to teach us how to be
If they only gave – of their own hearts, what a different world it would be
Oh, it doesn’t feel like Christmas, even though I’ve made my rounds
The hurt, the angry, the hungry, the homeless, with no beds to be found
They turn on back to their own little world, ignore all those in need
Instead they focus on what they got – in my book, I call that greed
If everyone gave just a little bit, the world would soon be healed
There’s more than enough to go around, if they’d remember how to feel
I don’t think – I can do this again, bring presents  – to those who have it all
Perhaps it’s time that Santa Claus, saw the writing on the wall
Perhaps it’s time to end this dream, of presents for the young and old
Perhaps they’d learn to open their hearts, – that’s where they’d find true gold
I think I’ll hang up my suit this year, my work is finally done
I hope someday – that they’ll remember – The Gift of God’s only Son.

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