Please Join In Prayer – One Heart – One Mind – One Voice


Let’s all join hearts together in a moment of prayer:

God Almighty, our Heavenly Father, we lift up those who have lost loved ones this year, those in grief, sadness and depression, for those who have lost hope, those who are in military service, have been incarcerated, have entered a nursing home or extended care facility, for those who are suicidal, and those who are alone, for those who cannot be with their loved ones, those who are in the hospital, and those who have been forgotten. And, for those whose lives have been unusually hard, those who have been tormented, those who don’t know which way to turn, those who don’t know Your Great Love for us.

Father, In The Beloved Name of Your Son, Yeshua (Jesus,) we ask that You Send ministering angels to these people. We ask that You Heal their hearts, minds, souls and bodies. We ask that You Comfort them, Holy Spirit, and lift them up out of the flesh into Your Spirit that they may be in The Peace that Passeth all understanding.

We ask that You Ensure that they have accepted Your Son and His Atonement for their sins. We ask that this Christmas Eve and Day bring a large number of people to You and Your Son. We pray and ask for the safety of those traveling, and those gathering for this 2014 “Worldwide Waves Of Praise.” We ask that You Move Mightily, Holy Spirit in signs, miracles and wonders. We pray that those who have never encountered Your Presence and Your Incredible Love, will have at least a moment with You. We pray that hearts and minds will remember the less fortunate, and be stirred to help others in need.

We pray that this movement catch fire! And that peoples the whole world over will praise You! We pray that people will lay down their differences and realize that You Are The Basis of all life. We pray that people will realize the futility of earthly things and materialism and be convicted in following You. We pray that many will come to know that You, Lord Are The Open Door, The Way, The Truth and The Life. We bless you at this hour just preceding the Waves Of Praise and always. We pray that Your Hearts Will Enjoy and Relish the love that Your people give back to you this day in praise and thanksgiving. We thank You for All that You Are, no matter what You Do.

We thank You for The Unspeakable Gift of Your Holy and Only Son.  Although none of us can truly know The Date of His Birth, we give You , Jesus and Holy Spirit all of The Glory, Honor, Praise and Thanksgiving for Him.  We thank You, Lord for Leaving Your Throne and Humbling Yourself as a little child. We thank You for Your Sinless and Holy Walk on this earth, and Your Complete and Total Sacrifice. We pray that all hearts will think of You and think about How Truly Amazing You Are. We thank You for life and breath and for Holding our every moment. We thank You that no matter where we are in this earth, where we are in health, finances and relationships, that You’ve “Got us.” We cannot thank You enough!


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