Nearly every day we see pictures on tv, or on the internet of the Muslim calls to prayer.  Countless human bodies face down in supplication and prayer – several times a day.  One heart – one mind – one voice.  As a result, we see a surge in the growth of Islam and the spread of it through the nations.  Yet, Christians, Messianics and Jews are running around tending to things of the flesh:  Christmas and Chanukah presents, decorations, foods and  festivities. Designer labels,  etc., etc. and so on.  Not to judge or to denigrate in anyway – this is just a glaring observation.

It is time for those who TRULY believe in Adonai Echad – The One, True God, Jehovah, Yahweh, to unite their hearts and voices!  How we practice our beliefs is a totally separate issue.  1464633_598422803545034_529927226_nThat’s between YOU and Him.


In Israel today, there are many gatherings of Jews and Gentiles.  We must embrace each other as children of The Most High God! It is in unity that we will achieve God’s Purposes here on earth.  It is in unity that the Islamic faith is gaining such momentum while Judaism and Christianity are fractured from within!

The evil spirit of division has been at work since The Garden of Eden.  “Divide and conquer” is its motto.  It causes people to argue amongst themselves, bringing strife, contentiousness, argument, anger, hatred, disobedience and more.

NOT ONE of us breathes without HIM!  We are here in THIS moment only through His Grace!

It is our human, fleshly, carnal, egoic minds that are the issue.  It is our free will vs. submission to God.  Let me tell you, there is tremendous peace in learning to lay down our free will, our desires and our minds to be blindly obedient to Him. I’ve learned to live FOR Him.  I’ve learned to take His Direction from moment to moment.  He Gives a Direction, you follow it.  When you are done, He Gives you another. Worry is gone.

Right now, He’s Asking that we set aside time to PRAISE HIM!  Who knows WHAT God Might Do in the affairs of mankind when the whole earth stops to praise Him – together!  Paul and Silas praised Him at midnight in a prison cell.  He Sent an earthquake to deal with their enemies!  Who knows WHAT may happen?  Maybe He’ll Work on the evil in people’s hearts and minds.  He’s God!  He Has more Ideas than we can comprehend.

Let us join together to foil the attempts of the enemy!  The last thing satan wants is for us to praise GOD!

Let us join together because “it’s the right thing to do” to praise our MAGNIFICENT GOD!  The CREATOR of the Heavens and the earth, the seen and the unseen   Let EVERYTHING that has breath – PRAISE THE LORD!

Day by day, Holy Spirit – Ruach HaKodesh, Brings clarity, guidance, direction and peace.  Let us move forward as


Wherever you may be on December 25th at 3pm in YOUR time zone…..please stop what you’re doing and give thanks and praise to our God.

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