King of Kings! And Lord of Lords!

I am continually amazed and even a bit flabbergasted as I work on getting the word out about this Worldwide Waves of Praise Movement.  I’m finding ministries, missions, churches, and secular work that is helping God’s people all across the earth.  I feel so small, and this world is just so very big.  please help us reach the world

What amazes me is seeing God’s Hand Working through countless hearts in a myriad of places.

This movement began in 2010 while I was lifted through listening to youtube videos of the flashmobs.  They were singing the Hallelujah Chorus in the malls!



God Is at Work all over the earth.  New praise movements, prayer movements, books, insights, revelations, new discoveries in archaelogy, technology, science and medicine.  The world wants us to stay focused on the darkness.  I’m seeing so much good happening it brings me to tears and thanksgiving.  What an AMAZING GOD!  He DESERVES to Be Praised on Christmas!

Will you help?  Just a few clicks, sending this to your social networks or including a link to your email contacts could change lives.  It could help bring in souls that don’t know Him.  It could draw in those who are backslidden.  It could heal hearts, minds and bodies as Holy Spirit Moves when God’s people are gathered for praise.  Why WOULDN’T you want to participate?

Here’s what we’re asking.  Use this link to send out, or, use the social network buttons below.  Then, gather friends and family, and don’t forget those elderly neighbors who are alone this Christmas.  Or, those who have no one. Spread God’s Love and His Message.  That’s what Christmas Is……The Giving of His Gift to a darkened world.

I pray that this Christmas you will come to know His Presence in new and humbling ways.  May He Touch your hearts and lives with His Everlasting, Ever Faithful LOVE!  May His Glory Fill your homes!

Patty Thomas, Founder

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