Jews, Messianics and Christians! Let The Nations Arise & Praise The Lord!

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For those who are Jewish or Messianic, The Lord Should Be Praised every day! For those who are concerned that Christmas arose out of pagan customs worshipping the pagan god sol invictus – the sun god – or lucifer – we are infusing our Love of The Lord and taking back the night. EVERY DAY IS THE LORD’S! He Created The Heavens and the earth!

Right now, we are in the celebration of Chanukah-Hanukah-Hannukah! It is commemorated as the Maccabees (Jews) took back The Temple from the pagan Syrians.  They  had been sacrificing pigs to a statue of Zeus in The Holy Temple.  They had to cleanse The Temple as it had been defiled and become ritually impure. It was a time of goodness triumphing over evil. It was a time of men rising up to do what was right in God’s Sight – to restore Temple worship. In a way, that’s what we’re doing, too!

Through this praise event, we are mounting a WORLDWIDE effort to GIVE GOD THE GLORY! And take it back from satan claus! Yay! Please join us!

In spite of the commercialism of Christmas, it is the single time of the year that the whole world remembers The Birth of our Messiah and honors Him with nativity scenes and Christmas pageants. It is a time when His Love Is Felt all over the world in this season of giving, and remembering those who have less. It is a time of reconciliation and mending of families. It is NOT WRONG to give Him the praise!

Yes, we must separate from that which is profane. God Examines what is in our hearts. When our hearts are overflowing with love, adoration and respect for Him, we SHOULD give Him the praise! It is time for the NATIONS to arise and Praise The Lord! Jew and Gentile – ONE in Messiah – one heart – one mind – one voice!

Our world is in such trouble.  We need our Messiah! Let us PRAISE HIM!


Waves Of Praise Informational Flyer

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