Clarity About This Praise Movement

Greetings!  There are many people writing to discuss various aspects of this movement.  The Lord Holy Spirit Has Been Bringing Clarity through prayer and seeking Him.  This movement is a forerunner of the whole earth praising Him. He Wants the nations to cry out for Him!  To put Him before worldliness and the flesh.  It is a forerunner of “Jew and Gentile – one in Messiah.  HE Chose Christmas Day, not because it is the time of celebrating His Birth, but because people think of Him at that time, and, because “santa claus” has “gotten all the credit.”  We are infusing HIM, and raising HIS NAME on a day of pagan celebration.  More on this in the article below (For Jews, Messianic and Christians.)  I invite your comments and discussion, as iron sharpens iron.  Please see these links:
Biblical Basis (Scriptures) – The nations shall praise The Lord!
How To Participate – Discusses not making this praise fest about pride or performance, but rather a sweet and personal offering from the heart
I strongly believe in developing a deep and abiding “relationship” vs. going through motions in a public setting.  My life is laid down before Him for many years.  I’ve been through deep and prolonged sufferings, through which I’ve come to rely upon Him AS my “Everything” and FOR everything that is needed.  Worship of The Lord is a deeply personal thing but gathering together has added benefits.  Where two or more are gathered, He Is in the Midst of them.  He Inhabits our praises. There is a multiplied effect of people gathering to pray and praise Him.  I pray that His Presence Will Overshadow each gathering, and that miracles will happen!  I pray that backsliders will be touched through and through by Holy Spirit!  I pray that people who don’t know Him will be touched to accept Him as their Savior and King.
We are swiftly coming to the time, and already seeing this, when hearts will be crying out for Him during times of tribulation on this earth.  Starting and conducting this praise movement for 5 years now, has been a work of obedience.  Even now, I sit in a motel room not knowing if I am staying or leaving.  He Has Provided for me this way for over 6 years, yet I was a former Controller and Management Consultant.  I know that even if He Asked me to return to sleeping in my car in this winter weather, I would go to a library or other place where I can continue contacting His children across the earth to ask them to join in. This my daily walk with Him.  I only want what He Wants.  It is a great sacrifice to not be with my 4 grown children, their spouses, and my 12 grandchildren, yet this is what The Lord Has Required of me.  He Does not do these things lightly, but for His Purposes. He Has Asked that funds not be raised for this effort, as it is “the right thing to do.”
We must put aside the legalism and ritualism of what this is “supposed” to look like and just praise Him from the depths of our inner being.  Let us follow His Spirit and not the letter of man-made laws of what worship should look like.  This is not about performance, not about being “seen.”  Many can gather together and still be in their own personal closet with Him.  And if they are about “look at me” while singing, then Holy Spirit WILL Correct, Train and Advise.  That’s not our problem, it’s His Job.  Our job is threefold:  1) monitoring our own hearts, 2) praising Him with every fiber of our being, and 3) spreading the word about this.  However you choose to participate, is between you and The Lord!  This is just a start, and people will grow and the movement will grow over the years.  Let’s put our human minds aside and come from our hearts!
Therefore, I ask you to prayerfully consider taking His Desires, and His Requests that I’m passing through these emails to as many people as each of you can reach.  Onward!  Toward His Second Coming!  And towards the whole earth crying out for Him!
In Christ,

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