2013 Waves Of Praise

Feeling So Blessed!

As I look back at the last 2 weeks, and Waves Of Praise, I can only be amazed, astonished, humbled to tears, grateful, thankful..and exhausted. What God Did in Throwing Open the doors was AMAZING! I can’t begin to number…
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Montserrat, Trinidad, Tobago, Paraguay, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, St. Vincent, Grenadines, Guadaloupe, St. George, St. John, Antigua, Bolivia, Chile, St. Lucia, Falkland Islands, Canada, Anguilla, Martinique,  Netherlands Antilles, +++  It’s YOUR TURN! Catch The Wave! Join the Praise!    It’s…
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South America! Let Your Praises Go Up To The Heavens!

Suriname, Argentina, Brazil, French Guiana, Uruguay, Denmark! It’s YOUR TURN! Catch The Wave! Join the Praise!  It’s HOUR -3 on the 24 time zones map! www.24timezones.com  www.wavesofpraise.org www.wavesofpraiseonChristmasDays.wordpress.com www.wavesofpraise.blogspot.com “+” Patty Thomas “+” The Miracles Of Jesus Ministry www.pattythomas.com

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